My Take on the Primaries so far

Now that the Iowa Caucus is done, I think it’s a good time to give my perspective on the primaries:

  1. We dodged a Trump bullet. If Trump had won Iowa as he was predicted to do, it was very conceivable that he could have run the table for the Republican nomination. Iowa plays an outsized influence on the nomination, and Iowa is a state that normally would not be won by someone like Trump. His winning there could have been a huge victory for him. The fact that he lost and that both Cruz and Rubio outperformed their polls gives me real hope.
  2. Donald Trump is not a conservative, and he is pretty clearly not a Christian. The reason why that needs to be said is because he has been masquerading as both to win votes from those camps. What he is is a fighter, and conservatives have been craving one so badly that many have bought into his vague promises. I don’t necessarily think it would be a disaster to nominate him, as unchecked immigration may be the single greatest danger to our national security (and that seems to be the one issue he is seriously committed to), but he is also a wild card that is dangerous.
  3. Personally, my choice for President would be Cruz or Rubio. I have misgivings about both of them, but they are both solid conservatives and I’d be thrilled if either won the nomination. Cruz is the most conservative candidate in the race, and is probably the most hated by the national media and Washington establishment because he’s actually trying to bring conservatism to Washington and refuses to compromise his principles. I really appreciate almost all his positions, but he has one big problem: it will be hard for him to secure the nomination, and even harder to win the general election. He’s just not charismatic enough. Rubio is much more electable, and probably tied with Trump at this point in terms of likelihood to win the nomination. His problem is that he has flipped on immigration and is much more controllable by the Washington establishment. This scares lots of conservatives because we see the big problem with Republican politicians is that they have compromised way too much with Democrats and refused to stand for conservative values.
  4. Lastly, I’ll just make a comment on Bernie Sanders, since he’s become so popular amongst younger people. His ideology is extremely dangerous, because it’s built on idealism and not reality. The greatest danger to our republic was foretold by the founding fathers: people voting themselves other people’s money. The founders warned that if the American people gave into this temptation, the republic would be doomed. When Bernie Sanders declares free college tuition for all, he is tempting the American people to steal. Let’s call this what this is. The government cannot give away these services for free – he’s talking about taking more money from “rich” people by force to give to “poorer” people. This is evil. To then call it “equality” makes a mockery of the word. My challenge to all Christians: preach the value of true charity, and demonstrate it by your own generous giving. It is not love to force rich people to “give” their money to the poor. That is a perversion of charity, as true charity requires freedom.