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Police Racism in America?

With every new shooting of a Black American comes a deluge of Facebook posts calling for an end to racism in policing. In the latest shooting, a white, female police officer fatally shot Terence Crutcher, an unarmed black man, in what appears to be a bad shooting. I’ve seen the videos and it does appear that there […]


The Dark Underbelly of Calvinism: Double Predestination

Standard disclaimer: Calvinism/Arminianism is minor doctrine and should not result in disunity in its discussion. Many of the greatest Christians I know differ with my position on this matter, and yet it is important to discuss these differences openly, disagreeing with but not  dishonoring any brother/sister in the Lord. Calvinist teachers often proclaim how glorious […]

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The Most Misunderstood Chapter in Scripture: Romans 9

I’m listening today to Wayne Grudem’s systematic theology podcast, which is pretty good for a summary of biblical theology. I appreciate Grudem’s even-keeled temperament and clear exposition. I also like that he marries serious intellectualism with charismatic practice, which is a wonderful trend to see in the Church. I just listened to his section on […]


In the Wake of Orlando

America has just suffered its worst terrorist attack since 9/11 and, like everyone else, I’ve been digesting the event and the various responses for the past couple days. Many things about this attack are notable, including the fact that the target was a gay club, that the shooter was American and ISIS-inspired, that the weapons […]


Blog Reboot

Now that I’m (mostly) out of school, I find I have enough to time to write again, so I’m rebooting my blog. This time around my heart is a bit different, as I want to write about various things I’m interested in, and not just theology and politics (though those two topics will no doubt […]

My Take on the Primaries so far

Now that the Iowa Caucus is done, I think it’s a good time to give my perspective on the primaries: We dodged a Trump bullet. If Trump had won Iowa as he was predicted to do, it was very conceivable that he could have run the table for the Republican nomination. Iowa plays an outsized influence […]

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A Theology of Judgment

I saw a quote by Bill Johnson the other day, saying “Let God’s goodness be the cornerstone of your theology.” Let me preface my reaction to that quote by saying I have the utmost respect for Bill Johnson. I am incredibly thankful for his influence on my life and have learned much from his teachings […]

Honoring Mark Driscoll

Mark Driscoll, the controversial pastor of Mars Hill Church, is getting hammered lately. Many of his faults as a leader are being exposed right now and I have to think this is a pretty difficult season for him. So I just wanted to take a minute and honor him. Pastor Driscoll isn’t one of my heroes […]