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Now that I’m (mostly) out of school, I find I have enough to time to write again, so I’m rebooting my blog. This time around my heart is a bit different, as I want to write about various things I’m interested in, and not just theology and politics (though those two topics will no doubt be oft-visited). I enjoy lots of different subjects, from books I’m reading to various hobbies, and even some family life. In short, I’m planning for this page to be a bit more personal.

I took this picture outside of Creamistry in Cerritos. Eden, my daughter, apparently realized that there were hundreds of twinkling stars in the sky that night, and took some three or four minutes to admire and contemplate them. The moment seemed quite deep for a two year old. As I look back on the picture, I find myself appreciating this entire season of my life. My family is not wealthy or famous or special in any momentous way, but we’re happy, and I can’t help but think that it is some kind of unheralded special-ness to be genuinely thankful in life for whatever blessings one has, though they may not seem like much to anyone else. So Father, thank you for your faithful love and guidance!

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